What To Look For When Hiring a Social Media Manager

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Let’s begin with explaining the importance of you, a business owner, hiring a social media manager. There are so many layers that are important when it comes to creating and running your business, and social media is a very important one. Social media is an essential tool to market your brand and especially grow your customer base. As important as it is, in all honesty it is very time consuming! As it is you have to be involved in every area of your business, managing your social media or creating content may feel like going down a rabbit hole. This post will show you what to look for when hiring a social media manager, and introduce you to the services Crescimento offers to alleviate your load so you can focus on keeping up with your business.

What makes a social media manager great is simply their habits. Let me give you an idea of just some of the tasks that are part of a usual day at work for a manager. The various responsibilities include:

  1. Managing a publishing calendar

  2. Scheduling posts

  3. Curating content

  4. Engaging with customers and partners

  5. Listening to networks for brand mentions and keywords

  6. Reviewing analytics and determining next steps

  7. Following up with connections and on projects.

  8. Check in with the rest of the company for announcements to publish and

  9. Running experiments to optimize social media posts

This small list is just to name a few of the functions. It goes without saying it is important to posses effective organizational and time management habits, among other professional traits such as an eloquent set of communication skills and creativity. You want someone to have these traits, and have the habit of using effective and innovating tools to curate and create engaging content.


At Crescimento Communications we specialize in excelling your small business’ media presence and raise the bar of your reach. We use our extent knowledge in social media marketing and content creating to provide the means, the guidance, and support in order for you to succeed in your respective market. It is our objective to elevate your brand, and bring your story to life.

Every package we offer is uniquely curated to fit your social media marketing needs. Our target is to provide a space where we can capture the essence of your small business, remind your clientage the value of continuing to support you but most importantly, to project your virtue to new horizons.

Our services are meticulously built to help your brand reach its full potential, examples of these services are:

  1. SEO & Page Optimization - Helps your search engine visibility and effectively direct traffic to your website. Establishing and growing your audience.

  2. Affective content creation - striving to create innovative, engaging, and compelling content to continue strengthening your brand.

  3. Media Management - Skillfully staying on top of the constant changes, designing you key strategies to increase your media presence and reach.

There are plenty more tools and services, all determined by the specific needs of your small business. I want to leave you with certainty after this post, here at Crescimento we want to empower your small business. That is why we manage our consultations with a purpose, to equipped your business with everything it needs in order to reach your media marketing goals,nothing more or less. As simple as that. So that you can direct your focus and energy to the creation, production and physical growth of your business. Wether you need a social media manger, a content creator, and marketing services, rest assure that Crescimento is equipped to handle it all!

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